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spieltrieb "Ageless" embodies what I like best in Hawgood’s work: a deeply compassionate view of the human condition that is poignant—even heartbreakingly so—without losing its sense of humor... or its tranquil equanimity.
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walkeremery "Ageless" is an absolutely serene song with wonderful flourishes of texture. Hawgood's use of the typewriter and other field recordings makes for a unique and multi-layered sound that immerses you in a wistful, almost nostalgic atmosphere. It all seems so fitting for its title. Well worth the listen.


‘Ageless’ was originally written in 2009 with elements making their way across the ‘Tiny Isles’ collaboration with Christopher Hipgrave and Jason Corder.

The original piece as presented here is one of my favourite tracks, and one which never really fit in with my other work.

The recordings were made in Japan and contain field recordings out in deepest Saitama, with its beautiful rivers, waterfalls, forests, and wildlife. The typewriter and keyboard recordings were done at Rikkyo High School in Ikebukuro in the English room. Thanks to Mr. Yasuhara for his wonderful typewriter collection on the shelves there, amongst the masses of books. It was an ideal recording studio.

Thank you.

All music by Ian Hawgood
All rights reserved.


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Folk Reels Warsaw, Poland

folk reels is the collected, restored, and continuing musical work of tokyo-warsaw based artist ian hawgood.

thank you.

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