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Folk Reels is a small label and site dedicated to covering the various musical works of Ian Hawgood and his many wonderful friends. I'm Ian so we can switch to the first person. : )

My work has been released under various names, on heaps of lovely labels, in a variety of formats. As such much of the work is long sold out, deleted, or lost somewhere (or so I thought). I've also spent the best part of twenty years making music for film, television, installations, exhibitions, adverts, websites, and a whole lot more.

After running a few labels and events from Japan the last eight years, I never really had any time to maintain and organise my back catalogue, and more recently have been holding on to work as I haven't wanted to release music that takes away from our label's releases. I've never promoted my own work as I really do hate doing that for myself, and apart from close family and friends, no one really knew how much work I have been fortunate enough to do outside of the labels for a variety of reasons. After all these years, no matter what the purpose, I still enjoy making music and giving it to friends to enjoy than releasing it for slightly larger consumption.

After recently moving back to England and uncovering dusty tapes, reels, mini-discs, old hard-drives, and whatever other format you could imagine in the old attic, I found myself with enough time (for the first time in years) to actually go over my work as it was originally produced. Amongst some of my four-track tapes, was a letter from a friend thanking me for some music I made for just him on mini-disc years ago. I also came across the artwork a great friend of mine (Francisco Centofanti - The Orange Circus) made for my first release (for friends) called 'Piano Works'.

Since running the labels and working as a teacher and engineer took up so much of my time, I hadn't made anything with friends in mind for a long time. Re-discovering these works ('reels') helped me to realise that actually collating my entire back-catalogue might be a good idea finally. I've always had so much fun making music, so finally sharing the array of works is such a sweet release. I decided to not feel any shame in my early work, nor to present myself in some insanely refined manner with my 'finest' work on display, because it all entails and encompasses who I am, and what this work means to me and others.

So here we are, almost a year after the above words were written, and I have finally set up Folk Reels as a little label with weekly digital releases of work both previously released, previously unreleased, and new works which have been on the boil for years. All the work has been re-mastered in tune with their original format, with some releases extended to include alternate versions, remixes, and original pieces I found hidden away. The amount of work bubbling around already works out to a little over three years of regular releases.

As a subscriber you will have access to regular releases from my entire back catalogue, collaborations, and works compiled from all my work for others (eg. films, tv etc.). I'll also send the odd single edition print out, and there will be some subscriber only stuff as well now and then throughout the year. You will also have a 50% discount on any physical packages we produce (here and there), and this includes some old vinyl and cassettes which will go up at some point.

If you ever want to get in touch for any reason at all, please do so: ian[at]folkreels{dot]com

Thanks so much for your very kind support, and I hope you enjoy this little ride we are about to undertake. x Ian

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